Because we have already accepted all of the poems we intend to publish in the spring issue (#124), and because Confrontation intends to publish future issues online, we are closing our annual deadline for receiving poetry at the end of this month, February, 2019. All poems received with a postmark before March 7 (nearly all of which are in our office at this point) will be considered within the next few months for publication when we go online.

The greatly reduced financial resources of the magazine make this move online, which I have resisted for years, imperative.

Poets who have already submitted work who do not wish to publish in an online version of the magazine, and hence would like to withdraw their poems from consideration may email me at the following address:

Thank you all—those of you whom we have published in print, those of you who wished to be published—for your interest in Confrontation and for the fine work which you have sent us. We hope you will continue to do so.

Jonna Semeiks,