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Forty-One Is Not Old

After so long, and so much effort, they decided, without discussing the matter, to give up trying. This made life easier, if a little more empty. Margaret took up sewing; James became more serious about his reading, with vague intentions of perhaps writing something himself at some distant point in the future. Their apartment was...

Galatea in Situ

He was too busy being ten years old to notice that his mom had left her brushes immersed in the jar. They sat there, in the sunlight, in the little glassed-in side porch that was her studio, the turpentine slowly evaporating and leaving rings inside the jar the color of pennies left long in the...
The Art of Esteban Vicente

The Art of Esteban Vicente

Esteban Vicente was born in Turegano, Segovia Province, Spain, at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1903. Almost 98 years later, he died in Bridgehampton, New York, in 2001. His lifetime journeys—artistic, intellectual and political—make his experience and the evolutionary path of his creative powers an extraordinary example of how the century’s social transitions...

Plastic Explosive

In front of me a woman walks a man
with that leash of a look before goodbye,
stalled by a delay with someone’s straw bag,

Original Bodies

All of it. The hypnosis of the tupelos, possumhaw,
and willows. The skin of night stretching taut
like a drum. The view from the back porch where

The Olean Football Roster

We all grew up within biking distance of the city park in Olean, which sat in western New York’s southern tier at the crossroads of the rustbelt and the northernmost foothills of Appalachia. The park had basketball courts with these tectonic cracks that made the surface too uneven to play on, a baseball diamond with...

Red Notes

Tomatoes all day, he unloads the crates,
nozzle-washes each red Globe, each red
Bonny Best, feeds them through the box of steam.