so when A & E woke up one brilliant morning
in The Garden it dawned on them that they were
naked and they were hot and in shape but E
said not on our first date so they bought some
stuff to wear at H&M or Hot Topic or Sears so
they could hook up and not have to go
all the way right away

and they didn’t have any friends to hang with
so they took a walk with the dachshund or
the pit bull or the T. Rex or the baby mastodon
but they were bored so they downloaded
a movie or a videogame or watched food
or houses or football on the plasma and E
said I’m hungry so A said I’ll throw something
together so he clanged pots and pans around
in the kitchen and ordered in thai or pizza or
BK or Mickey D’s or comidas chinas y criollas

and E said that’s so sweet of you you
made dinner for me for the first time so then
she thought A was hot especially after a couple
shots or red bulls or MGDs or something so
finally they did the deed or the nasty or
made the beast with two backs and right
away E lit up the pregnancy stick and

just about nine months or a few days or a year
or two later she gave birth to a bouncing baby
giraffe and she was a little disappointed and
A said oh it must’ve been the jalapeño poppers
but there’s one good thing at least he’ll be able
to look over the trees and see if the mall is open