February, 2019

To all of Confrontation’s subscribers, to those writers whose work we have published in one or several issues of Confrontation over the last fifty years, and to all who would like to see their work in Confrontation in the future, we have important news—news I would have shared with you earlier, had any final decisions been made.

In May of 2018, shortly before our last issue, #123, appeared, I learned that Long Island University, the magazine’s publisher and supporter since its inception, was likely, for budgetary reasons, to withdraw its financial support. That became a certainty by the end of the summer, and thus we did not publish (in November, 2018) our usual fall issue—we didn’t have the money to do so. In essence, the magazine has been in limbo since last summer. I was encouraged to look for other sources of funding, and I finally managed to track down some funds from a decades-old bequest to Confrontation. This bequest, renewed annually, will allow us to publish our last print issue in the late spring; it will probably be out sometime in June.

After that, since we have lost university financial support, we’ll be publishing online. The bequest is generous enough that we will be able to exist indefinitely. I will personally mourn the opportunity to bring out biannual print issues; I loved being able to hold a printed and bound issue, a material object full of striking and important prose and beautiful art, in my hand. But at least Confrontation will be able to survive. Look in this space for news about its future (including how to submit work) as we develop a vision and a practical plan. For now, we’ll be concentrating on creating issue #124. We have a lot of catching up to do!

I offer my apologies to all of the poets who submitted their work to our 2018 Poetry Contest and have not yet heard from us. (Had the bequest not been rediscovered, we’d have refunded all of your entry fees.) We have chosen a winner, and the poet will be contacted within the next week. We also would like to publish a number of other poems that were submitted to our contest, and their writers will also be contacted shortly. All of these poems will appear in Issue #124.

—Jonna G. Semeiks, Editor-in-Chief