Editor’s Remarks: Alice Denham (1927-2016)


Kent Nelson: The Night-Heron

Alice Denham: What Rich Is

Bipin Aurora: The Functions


Mitchell Untch: The Pond

Al Rocheleau: Saint Albert of the Asses

Nancy Lynée Woo: The War / Exquisite Corpse

Polly Buckingham: Florida Morning

Jojo Donovan: Call to Prayer

Eric Paul Shaffer: Our Little Piece of Sky / On the Bright Side

Marc Brudzinski: Jennie’s Car Needs to Go to the Body Shop

Michael Brosnan: Among the Volcanoes

Clint Smith: I Have No One to Help Grieve / Mindfulness

Joel Peckham: Pulse

Stephen Sossaman: Zen Mountain Monastery Haiku Workshop

Katharyn Howd Machan: Dreaming of a Turquoise Bird

Jean Esteve: How We Live


Robert Storr: The Art of Maria Lassnig


Shawndra Miller: To Swim Infinitude

Gary Gildner: A Very Small Cemetery

Craig Bernardini: Variations on a Father

Michael Milburn: This Believer

Christopher Thornton: ”This Is Russia!”

George Choundas: I [Hard-Clenched, Knuckle-Forward Fist] New York

Clinton Rock: Against the Current

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