Mary Crawford
Spirit Lake

Dino Enrique Piacentini
An Assumption

Lorie Broumand
The Boy Who Stabbed People

Mark D. Baumgartner
The Last of the Icemen

Doug Ramspeck
The Green Bridge

Jacqueline Doyle
The Other Woman

Marc Berley
Last Great Year

Paul Witherington

Jane E. Martin
The Back Roads

Mary Medlin
Never, Never, Never


Alan Elyshevitz
The Uncertainty Principle

Shane Seely
Isaac’s Lament

Tamer Mostafa
Lamb Slaughter

Lisa Alexander Baron
Woman with a Crow

Gary Mesick
The Birth of Narnia

Brittney Scott
Resin, Linen, Salt
Practical Naturalist

Matthew J. Spireng
Parking Lot, Church of All Truth

Ruth Moon Kempher
Excursions: The Schedule after Averno

Joseph J. Caruso
Jineteo del Toro

Eric Berlin
Up & Away

J. Alan Nelson
Why Daniel Radcliffe and I Can’t Be Best Friends


Barbara Haas
Whipping Up a Feast in the House of Grief

Samantha Capps
In the Midst of My Convergence

Eileen Valinoti
The Cancer Unit

Garnett Kilberg Cohen
Brown Beer Bottle on Bathtub Rim


Meredith Mowder
The Art of Helen Frankenthaler (1928-2011)


David James
Talk of Suicide Makes Me Hungry

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