Our History:

Confrontation Magazine began operation in 1968 with the mission of bringing new talent to light in the shadows cast by well-known authors. Open to all submissions, each issue contains original work by famous and by lesser-known writers.

Among the authors we’ve published are Nobel prize winners John Steinbeck, Derek Walcott, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Joseph Brodsky, Nadine Gordimer, S.Y. Agnon; and Pulitzer and other prize winners W.H. Auden, Arthur Miller, Ned Rorem, Ed Bullins, Joyce Carol Oates, T.C. Boyle, and Lanford Wilson.

The magazine has also published the work of a 14-year-old talented writer, college students and writers beginning their career. Cynthia Ozick, Paul Theroux, Walter Abish, and Susan Vreeland all published work in the magazine before they achieved wider fame. Confrontation is eclectic; eclecticism is in fact our mission.


Jonna G. Semeiks

Poetry Editor
Belinda Kremer

Editorial Board
Tom Fahy
Michael Hartnett
Deborah Lutz
John Lutz
Dennis Pahl
Wendy Ryden

Publicity Director/Production Editor
Terry Kattleman

Production Manager
Phil Wolfe, Sr.

Executive Director of Confrontation Publications
Martin Tucker

Editorial Consultants
Katherine Hill-Miller
Lee Mhatre (West Coast)

Editorial Assistant
Mary Pigliacelli

Fiction Readers
Adam Giannelli
Daniel Harris

Jeffrey Main
Barbara G. Palfy

Administrative Intern
Annemarie Miller

Business Associates
Peggy Riggs
Virginia De Francesco
Cathy Seringer

Production Assistants
Laura Angyal
Christina Bowser
Amanda-Beth Campbell
Brian Hartwig
Christopher Leach
Nicole Lubrano
Meryl Lumba
Haifah Namwanje
Nelson Salamanca
Rosemarie Scalfani

Founding Editor
Winthrop Palmer


Confrontation remains indebted to the generosity of Mrs. Carleton Palmer, without whose legacy no issue of this journal would be possible.

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